Often you won’t know that an IRS criminal investigation has started until it is too late. But sometimes there are “warning signs:”

  1. A revenue officer who has been pressing you for payment suddenly disappears and won’t return your calls;
  2. Your bank notifies you that the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS (using a summons), or the local U.S. Attorney’s Office (using a grand jury subpoena), has requested copies of your bank records;
  3. Your accountant is contacted by Special Agents or is subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury and bring your tax records;
  4. The IRS notifies you that one of your previous tax returns has been “selected” for audit, and you know that in the tax year in question there was an understatement of income or an overstatement of deductions;
  5. A Special Agent contacts you.

If any of these things happen to you, drop whatever you are doing and contact DeBlis&DeBlis immediately.