Online School

Demystifying The FBAR
Learning Objectives
  • Learn the purpose of the FBAR regulations
  • Determine who must file the FBAR
  • Determine the FBAR filing requirements
  • Determine who is exempt from the FBAR filing requirements
  • Understand the civil and criminal penalties that may be applicable for not complying with the FBAR filing requirements
Learning Objectives
  • This webinar discusses the mechanics of FATCA, the ripple effect that this law has had on those with unreported foreign assets, and why it is one of the most controversial laws that no one has ever even heard about.
Navigating The Choppy Seas of The Streamlined Procedures
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the major changes to the procedures since the IRS expanded them back on June 18, 2014
  • An overview of the two types: streamlined foreign procedures and streamlined domestic procedures
  • Understand the requirements for each and the subtleties that are so easy to overlook that they are a veritable trap for the unwary
  • Understand the differences between each
  • Understand the penalty structure under streamlined domestic -- commonly referred to as the miscellaneous offshore penalty -- including the types of assets that are included in the penalty base, how it captures a wider array of foreign assets than the miscellaneous penalty under OVDP, and how the penalty itself is calculated
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the streamlined procedures
  • What does it mean for a taxpayer to certify that he/she was non-wilful in his failure to report his foreign assets for purposes of streamlined
  • The elusiveness of non-willfulness
  • Can your client successfully certify that his failure to disclose his foreign assets was truly non-willful? What are some things that are sure to attract the IRS's attention
  • Don't try and fit a square peg into a round hole! Consequences of IRS rejecting a streamlined submission when your client is not an appropriate conduct and the parade of horribles that could follow
  • IRS guidance for when it's appropriate to make a "quiet disclosure."
  • Practical and sound advice regarding whether to go streamlined or go home.
OVDP: The Survivor’s Manual
Learning Objectives
  • The viewer will have a firm understanding of the policy behind the program, the penalty structure, how to make a submission, and the overall framework of the program.
Your Lifeline For Form 8938
Learning Objectives
  • Learn all of the nuances of this pestilent form and how to how to avoid the most common mistakes.