This eBook contains the best material you want to deal with IRS. Whatever you want to say about the eBook

  • This book covers foreign asset reporting like no other. It is intended for a broad audience: from tax professionals (tax preparers and tax attorneys) to those without any formal background in tax or tax law.
  • Its beauty lies in its simplicity. Great effort was taken to simplify arcane rules by breaking them down into their individual elements and relating them to everyday things, with the goal of making them easy to understand.
  • Its style oversimplifies what is otherwise a technical and abstract area of tax compliance. It removes the “struggle” and “frustration” that have become synonymous with foreign asset reporting by using hypotheticals, references to pop culture, similes, and metaphors.
  • This book is a “must read” for those who specialize in foreign asset reporting and for those who have begun their voyage into the choppy seas of foreign asset reporting.

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