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    Your excellent work on the streamlined procedure and related certification , and your explanations and discussions with me, were very much appreciated.  I am glad to have had the benefit of your experience and competence in completing the process.
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  • Kat Jennings, CEO TaxConnections

    Michael DeBlis is an extraordinary Tax Attorney who brings the knowledge, experience and passion required to protect his clients. It is rare to find a Tax Attorney who has these skills inside and outside the courtroom. Kat Jennings, CEO TaxConnections

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    “Mr. DeBlis was totally dedicated to my case working all hours of the day and night to obtain the best result.  He’s experienced and skillful.  Bottom line, he got the job done.”

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    “Mr. DeBlis was always professional and personable and understanding to our needs.  He thoroughly understood the law and the court system.  He got the best result for us.”

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About The Author

Michael is a passionate trial lawyer. He puts his heart and soul into fighting for his clients. Michael is a living example of the tremendous power that comes from combining passion, preparation, persuasion, and positive communication in the courtroom.

As a former public defender, Michael has defended the poor, the forgotten, and the damned against a government that has seemingly unlimited resources to investigate and prosecute criminal allegations. He has spent the last six years cutting his teeth on some of the most serious felony cases, obtaining results that have proven favorable for his clients. He knows what it’s like to go toe to toe with the government.

Michael has been featured on the media affiliates of several major media networks, including NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and CNN.

Michael is a prolific writer in the area of foreign asset reporting and voluntary disclosure. He has written articles that have been featured in leading tax journals such as CCH Journal of Tax Practice and Procedure, Global Tax Weekly, and ABA News Quarterly.