Demystifying the FBAR – A Webinar

Demystifying the FBAR – A Webinar

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This is a webinar that I presented in partnership with CPA Academy. I’m honored to lecture for such a fine CPE provider. For those who are interested in obtaining CPE credit, click here to sign up.

Below is more information about the program:

Course Description

This course breaks the FBAR down into its individual components and covers each in exquisite detail.

Learning Objectives

    • Learn the purpose of the FBAR regulations
    • Determine who must file the FBAR
    • Determine the FBAR filing requirements
    • Determine who is exempt from the FBAR filing requirements
    • Understand the civil and criminal penalties that may be applicable for not complying with the FBAR filing requirements

Major Subjects

    • Module I: Deconstructing the FBAR rule (Part I)
    • Module II: Deconstructing the FBAR rule (Part II)
    • Module III: Most Commonly Asked Questions About the FBAR
    • Module IV: IRS Procedures for Ensuring Consistency and Effectiveness in Administering Civil FBAR Penalties
    • Module V: The Elusiveness of Willfulness
    • Module VI: Beyond the FBAR – Everything You Never Wanted to Know About All of the Other International Reporting Forms But Must
    • Module VII: Challenging the IRS’s Assertion of the Non-willful FBAR Penalty: A New Hope

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