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Big Firm Services in a Small Firm Atmosphere

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Experienced attorneys focused on criminal defense

DeBlis and DeBlis is able to provide the legal expertise and services of a big law firm in a comfortable small firm atmosphere with lots of personal attention. Our personalized attention to each client is unparalleled.

Criminal Charges are always serious

  • Being charged with a crime is like having an albatross hung around your neck. The stakes are high. You face serious potential consequences, including the loss of your most cherished right – your freedom; the loss of your professional license; forfeiture of money and assets; and the loss of something that you can never get back – your reputation. For most of our criminal defense clients, fighting a charge is not simply a matter of avoiding or minimizing jail time. It’s about protecting their livelihoods and their reputations.
  • The pressure on judges and juries to convict a person accused of a crime is overwhelming. People who know nothing about you, and some who do, will assume “you did it” and demand that you be severely punished.
  • The Founders of this Nation were well aware of the willingness of people to assume the worst about a person. That is why they insisted on constitutional protection for the presumption of innocence and required that all criminal charges be established by proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • These constitutional protections serve as constant reminders that we should never assume a person is guilty. But the people you will encounter in “the system,” the police, the prosecutors, even judges and juries, will know nothing about you except that you are accused of a crime.
  • They will not know you to be a hard-working employee, responsible businessperson, loving parent and spouse or struggling young student. They may technically “presume” you are innocent because they are required to, but they will practically “assume” that you are guilty.
  • The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has a saying: A criminal defense lawyer is “Liberty’s Last Champion.”
  • We will fight to give real meaning to the presumption of innocence while holding the government to its burden of proof. We will be your Champion.

Results-driven Criminal Defense

  • Our criminal defense attorneys are champions for our client’s rights, and are committed to vigorously defending every client.
  • We work from the very beginning to explore every viable option. Our extensive criminal defense experience enables us to offer sound legal guidance in plea negotiations and to fight aggressively in court and trial, when necessary.

Core Principals


DeBlis and DeBlis is committed to providing exceptional legal representation and personal service. Our goal is to obtain the best possible result for each client. We will be your partner in the defense. We will keep you fully informed about your case and our strategy. We will answer your questions and be available to you. This is the commitment and dedication we offer.

  • The government has a vast amount of resources at their disposal when they choose to bring criminal charges against a person – from lawyers and law enforcement officers to crime laboratories and sophisticated technology. To obtain the best result, the defense must fight the government fact by fact. This requires thorough and relentless preparation. Preparation defines DeBlis and DeBlis.
  • Our preparation begins in our first meeting. It continues as we tirelessly investigate the case and the witnesses, shape the case through an aggressive motions practice, and present a well-planned defense at trial. Our preparation allows the whole truth to emerge, giving you the best opportunity for success.